Please do not think what I say here is meant as advice for you. It is not. It is advice for me, advice I have had to repeat to myself on a regular basis for over four decades. You see, I am slow to learn and easily led astray - by myself.
"Decide early what you want to spend your time doing: what you want to accomplish - your goal. Make it something good - for others, preferably those unlikely to realize it without some collaboration - you collaborate.
Make it something which requires the investment of everything you can do, you have and can get hold of: - expect nothing in return, not even recognition.
You must be absolutely unselfish, humble, tough as nails and compassionate. You must be prepared to work alone, absolutely alone; never wait for favor, collaboration or permission to perform your work - your belief is enough: no excuses, back to work!
Listen better to what your enemies say about you than say your friends. You must daily measure yourself against your course and when you have strayed, change immediately.
If you taste success: go away, failure: stay - try harder! If scorned, hated, imprisoned while on course: believe a good success is near at hand.
You are your only judge. The code is your goal and the course you set to achieve it.
The judgment is a mathematical equation: percent of goal accomplished (value 'g') + percent of time on course (value '1.5g') - time off course (value '2g') - off-course damage to goal (value '1.5g') = your net worth.
I won't say what my present net worth is, but I will say this, all the present signs indicate that a good success is near at hand."
Bruce Thornton





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